Pre-Purchase a caravan in transit

Our caravans typically take 8-10 weeks to arrive from the UK. During that time we offer pre-purchase deals where you can reserve a caravan at a reduced price. This helps us as we can turnover caravans more quickly and need less room for storage once they get here. It helps you as you will make a big saving over what we list the van for once it arrives.

What if you’re not comfortable buying a van you haven’t seen?

  •         We provide specifications and pictures of the van in advance.
  •         We guarantee the appliances will be in good working order.
  •         The van will have a new NZ electric certificate, WoF and rego.
  •         The van will have all accessories as agreed during negotiation.

You have to bear in mind the van may be 10 years old and we personally won’t have seen it either, so you have to expect the odd scratch, dents from awning poles, possible marks on interior etc but these will only be cosmetic.

To make a pre-purchase deal, we agree a price with you and you pay a $3000 deposit. If there is anything untoward with the van when it arrives (e.g. major body damage – things do happen in transit) we will not hold you to the deal and return the full $3000. If you decide you just don’t want it then we will return $2000 and you’re free to start looking again.