How do we source your caravan?

We can import a caravan for you – or anything that may fit in a caravan for that matter. Just call us to discuss.

For instance, you may have a van in the UK or have a friend or family member that can get you one. But you haven’t a clue how to get it here, don’t know what’s involved or simply just don’t have the time to organise it all. We can arrange it all for you:

1.     Depending on location  we can arrange to have the van collected and transported to the docks.

2.     The van will be prepared for shipping, then loaded along with another van and shipped (maximum lengths apply). You can of course fill the van with anything you like. The van and contents will be imported in your name so you will be liable for duty and GST on the van and contents, and you are also the one who is liable if there are any undeclared items.

3.     8-10 weeks later the van will arrive at Lyttelton and will go to a MAF facility to be checked. This is usually a formality if the van is clean from mud and dirt underneath and clean inside. If MAF do decide to do extra cleaning then this will be an added cost to you.

4.     The van is released and you are free to collect it. All it then needs is a WoF (approx $30), rego (approx $100) and a current electric certificate ($300-600 cost for the conversion and certificate depending on any problems encountered). We can arrange these things for you if required, or just suggest companies who can do them for you. If you want to have the gas appliances checked, this can also be arranged.

Cost of importing is $8500 (includes shipping, our fee and GST), plus duty at 5% on the price of the van and any contents, plus GST on the price of the van, contents and duty. If you would like us to organise the WoF, rego and electrical conversion we would need to charge a small fee for our time on top of the actual costs incurred.

However if you have moved to NZ in the last 5 years, owned the van in the UK and can prove this to Customs (photos are good for this), then you won’t have to pay duty or GST – RESULT!

Alternatively, you may have a particular van in mind that you would like to own. We may be able to source the exact model that you are looking for, right down to the year and the colour of cushions.

Give us a call to discuss any of these options further.