Motor Movers

Motor Movers

You may have heard people talking about remote control motor movers, Caravan motor movers are very useful if


  • You store your caravan in a tight place at home.
  • You don’t have the strength to push and pull a larger caravan around.
  • Makes it very easy to position the van to hook onto the car.
  • Makes it a lot easier to position your caravan accurately on your camp pitch.
  • You couldn’t back a caravan to save your life.


the caravan can then be maneuvered around easily and precisely by just the handset


At Christchurch caravans we stock the Emove range of Motor Movers these are very smart and efficient and come in Single and Twin axel ranges and also Auto engage. you can also control them from your smart phone with the bluetooth add on.


We can fit them as well for you


We also have a selection of 2nd hand motor movers from $600