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15mm straight pipe joiner


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John Guest 15mm Straight Joiner PVC. Joins 15mm red or blue John guest or Whale pipe. Push fit.

How to use Push-On plumbing fittings

Article by Peter Smith, Caravans Plus

Push-on fittings are very quick to use, and even re-use, but you should read this section to ensure every connection is perfect.

Step 1 – Prepare the connection

Pipe colour is used for identification only, Red and Blue have identical properties. Black is also available and is UV stabilised.

Cut the pipe square ensuring it is free of score marks.

Do NOT use a hacksaw

To avoid damage to the O-ring, make sure burrs and sharp edges are removed.

With the fitting clean and undamaged and the pipe cut square, you are now ready to make the connection.

Do not insert fingers into the fitting as the stainless steel teeth may cause injury.


Step 2 – Assemble the connection

For pipe used with HOT water (usually red) you need to use a Pipe Support Insert. Cold water pipes do not require the insert.

Push the pipe into the fitting, to the pipe stop (about 6mm).

Pull outward to check it is secure. The collet (gripper) has stainless steel teeth which hold the pipe firmly in position whilst the ‘O’ Ring provides a permanent leak proof seal.

An optional Locking Clip (shown red) and Collect Cover is available to ensure the fitting will not part in extreme conditions. The clip is essential if the fitting and pipe do not align naturally.

The cover is placed on the pipe prior to joining. After pipe is in the fitting the red clip in pushed into the gap, and the snap fitting cover makes a tidy and 100% secure fitting.


Disconnecting standard push-on fittings

Ensure system is depressurised before removing fittings. Push in the collet against the face of the fitting. If the red clip is installed, it needs to be removed first.

With the collet held in this position the pipe can be removed. The fitting can then be re-used.

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