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200w Solar panel


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200 Watt solar panel is connected in series by monocrystalline solar cells protected by a thin layer of tempered glass. The tempered glass and corrosion resistant aluminum frames allow each panel to withstand high wind (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), increasing durability and value. This solar panel is guaranteed to provide a great charge.



200 Watts Solar Panel Features:
Antioxidant and Light weight for easy carrying
Stable and reliable performance, high conversion efficiency.
Waterproof, compression strength, corrosion resistance, long life.
Monocrystalline cells are the highest efficiency cells available in the market.
“A” grade panels with a sturdy aluminium frame suitable for all environments.
Long service life ;High efficiency solar cells; Special aluminum frame design; Advanced cell encapsulation.

Solar Panel Specifications:
Material: Mono Crystalline
Wattage: 200W
Maximum Power: 200W (PMax)
Maximum Power Voltage: 36V (VMP)
Maximum Power Current: 5.56A (IMP)
Open Circuit Voltage: 43.2V (Voc)
Short Circuit Current: 6.12A (Isc)
Power Tolerance: -3/+3 %

Solar Panel Dimensions:1340 x 990mm

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