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Auto Engage motor mover (twin Axel)




Available approx July 2018


Note Re shipping
NI main centers is $65
SI main centers is $45

Rural will add maybe $30

this is the EM305a it is auto engage and has stronger motors to cope with turning twin axel vans.

We have just started to stock these as we feel they are one of the better ones on the market, and they do have advantages like been suitable to use on single or twin axel caravans. You can if you wish fit 2 movers on twin axel vans to drive all 4 wheels (better maneuverability)

You can also plug in a Bluetooth receiver (sold separately) so you can control the mover from your smart phone.

EM303a is an Auto Engage caravan mover. It offers our ground breaking all-season covers which protect your mover from the elements and mean you can simply wipe dirt away, no unsightly rusty metal bits to see.

Large alloy rollers ensure traction even in the toughest conditions.



EMOVE all-season full cover for protection where you need it.

Soft START/STOP technology for accurate and shockproof maneuvering.

Large Solid aluminum drive rollers with direct drive gears.

Max total weight single axle 1800kg (1600kg on 18% slope)

Max total weight twin axle (with two sets of movers fitted) 1800kg (1600kg on 18% slope)

For more details see the website http://www.emove-uk.com

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