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Remis Vario2



Product Description

SOLD – none currently available


The box they come in isn’t very strong and they are quite a bulky unit, so if you need one delivering we would need to discuss best method for delivery.


If you have a caravan over 5 years old it will most likely have a large 600x900mm roof window either a Heki2 which is the tilt up one with the silver handle OR the Remis which is the slide style.

Remis have discontinued the slide type so it is no longer possible to get new domes if they break, so unfortunately your only solution is to fit a whole new Remis Vario2.

These are now a tilt up style via a winding handle, they still have the blind/flyscreen on the inside.

They come complete with fitting kits which are appropriate to all UK caravans.
Fitting is relatively easy, and will take 1-2 hours.