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Solar Fitted


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If you are planning on freedom camping then its all well and good self containing the waste water but what will you do in 2-3 days when your battery starts to run low?

you may say “I have a generator” but who wants to listen to your genny chugging away?.

Having a solar setup takes away the need for a cumbersome generator and it will also keep your battery topped up all year round we install the panel on the roof and the controller is tucked away near the battery so really ones its fitted there is not much else to do.


What we would recommend is a large 200w panel through a 20a MPPT tracer solar controller, the MPPT controllers are more efficient at about 97% (but much more expensive) there is also a visual control panel for the solar controller so you can see at a glance the system efficiency.

If you go away all yr round when the sun is lower and the days are a bit shorter so you can have a larger 260w panel fitted.

You can get cheaper setups but if its a smaller panel and an MPW controller you might find your battery going flat.

We need to check your roof space 1st though to see what size panel will fit.

This setup is $1175 fitted upgrading to a 260w panel is plus $145


We can of course add a bigger panel or even 2x smaller ones wired in parallel, it might also be worthwhile adding a 2nd battery to take storage capacity up.

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