Servicing and Repairs

Servicing and Repairs


Your caravan is a complex piece of equipment which may well be worth more than your car!

At Christchurch Caravans we have a large workshop inc hoist and a knowledgeable staff who have been working on English caravans for over 10 years.

Its important to have your caravan serviced especially the chassis as things aren’t always apparent till they break – and unlike a car that could be the end of your holiday and possibly an expensive repair bill.

We have a large selection of parts and accessories so can undertake all manor of repairs.
Sometimes parts aren’t always available for older caravans so we have become very adept at finding a workaround to fix the problem.


We have 2 levels of service

Chassis and running gear

We will check and lube the tow hitch (inc hitch damper and anti sway hitch pads) and corner steadies, remove the brake drums to check the condition of the brake shoes, re assemble with new one-shot nuts and adjust the brakes.

Single Axle $160  Twin Axle $225


Full service

Chassis and running gear plus full check of all appliances and fitted equipment, we will also do a damp test in the van and inform you of any potential problems.

Single Axle $330  Twin Axle $405


Give us a call or email to arrange a booking.