Tips For First Time Caravan Owners

Caravanning is a popular British pastime in the summer months and it is widely believed that UK caravans are among the best quality in the world. Because of this many enthusiasts in New Zealand are now seeking to source their vans form the United Kingdom.

Many people are wary of buying a second hand caravan from the other side of the world but if you know what to look for you should have no fear. What’s more, although you might find it incredible to believe, you can generally get a better quality caravan out of the UK at a better price than you could buy one in this country.

A damp van is not a pleasant place to spend your time so the most important tip for those new to the pastime is to check the body work and windows thoroughly for the slightest hint of any unrepaired cracks. Checking around the corners at the same because if there has been any damage these are the places where water could get into your caravan.

It pays to check underneath the vehicle to check on the structural soundness and integrity of the bodywork. It goes without saying that you should also check the tyres as they are not cheap to replace and make sure that you turn all of the appliances on to check that they are all in good working order.

Of course if you use a professional to bring your van into the country for you they will do all of these checks and provide you with a thorough overview of your UK caravan. They will also do a search known as a CRiS check on the vehicle which will reveal all sorts of valuable information. Only by having this check done can you be one hundred percent sure that the van is not stolen or a repaired write-off. You can also be sure that it si not the subject of an existing finance arrangement which might see you in a battle with a financier claiming an interest in your van.

Importing a caravan can be a difficult process and the beauty of using a dealer with a proven track record is that they will have people on the ground who will inspect your new van before it gets bought. You will have the comfort of knowing that your second hand UK Caravan has appliances which have been checked and all work properly. The electrics will all be checked and brought up to New Zealand specifications and a new certificate will be issued for the van.  Importantly, the hassle of registering the van and getting a current warrant of fitness will be taken care of for you too.

All you will have to do is sit back and prepare the itinerary for your first summer holiday in your new toy exploring different destinations.