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Caravan Pre-Purchase Deals

Pre purchase details

Our caravans typically take 8-10 weeks to arrive from the UK. During that time we offer pre-purchase deal where you can reserve a caravan at a reduced price. This helps us as we can turnover caravans more quickly and need less room for storage once they get here. It helps you as you will make a big saving over what we list the van for once it arrives.

What if you’re not comfortable buying a van you haven’t seen?

  • We can provide the specs and pictures of the van in advance. No doubt you will have been looking at other vans so you’ll be able to visualise the layout quite well.
  • We will guarantee that the appliances will be in good working order.
  • The van will have a new NZ electric certificate, gas certificate  WoF and rego.
  • The van will have all accessories as agreed during negotiation.


You have to bear in mind the van may be 10+ years old and we personally won’t have seen it either, so you have to expect the odd scratch, dents from awning poles, possible marks on interior, squabs, carpets and woodwork etc but these will only be cosmetic and we will en devour to tidy these up to the best of our ability as we would with any other van we sell.


To make a pre-purchase deal, we agree a price with you and you pay a 10% deposit (or min $3000)  you should understand that you are putting down a deposit to BUY the van NOT have 1st refusal when it arrives.  If there is anything untoward with the van when it arrives (e.g. major body damage – things do happen in transit) or we dont consider the van up to our standards we will not hold you to the deal and return the full $deposit. If you decide for whatever other reason you just don’t want it then we will return 50% of your deposit We keep 50% because there has to be some commitment from you at the start that you will be buying the van as by saying you want it you have taken it off the market.


Placing a deposit on a caravan we have in the yard.

If you place a deposit on a caravan you are making a commitment to buy that caravan,  a deposit is not taken to let you have 1st refusal on the van.

Once a deposit has been taken it effectively takes the caravan off the market and we may have other people who have wanted to buy the van in the mean time. Hence we dont refund deposits when you change yr mind a week later, so please make sure you have the financial means to buy the van BEFORE placing a deposit on it.

If you have viewed the caravan in the yard you will have satisfied yourself that it is what you are looking for.

If you are buying the caravan sight unseen then before we take a deposit  we will answer any questions you have, we can do a video tour of the van with you, and you are more than welcome to have someone inspect it for you, you should be sure that this is the type of caravan you are looking for – ideally you will have physically looked at similar layout vans.

We will describe the van to the best of our ability, if we are selling to someone sight unseen then the last thing we want is you on the phone after delivery saying your unhappy or turning up to collect it and being disappointed because its not what you were expecting.

What you must understand is your not buying a brand new 2nd hand van! It may be 10, 15, 20 yrs old The will be marks here and there, probably  some scratches, inevitably the odd dent in the outside skin caused by maybe an awning pole, we can point out any bigger ones but were not really going to go round counting, measuring and photographing every mark.

Smells. My suppliers  never buy vans that have been smokers, but when a van gets here it will have been shut up in a container for 2 months so can smell a bit musty, they also have the smell of the last owner, the vans are always cleaned before we send them out so will have a cleaning product smell, and maybe a background smell of the van or last owner, Smells disappear and after you have had the van a while and put your stuff into them.
So if you have a highly sensitive nose, Asthma or any aversion to other people’s smell then its probably best you view the van 1st.

It is obviously our ultimate goal to have the caravan in as good a condition as it can be for its age, after all we want you the customer to be happy with you caravan.

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