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Electric Certification

All imported UK caravans need to be converted to NZ standards, this generally involves the changing of wall sockets and the RCD, the earth often needs up-grading and occasionally wiring needs to be replaced.

This must all be carried out by a qualified electrician and checked off by an electrical inspector, (not all electricians will work on caravans) a 4 yr electric warrant (EWoF) is then issued which must be renewed after 4 years, renewal is a lot simpler than initial conversion as it is just a check to make sure everything is ok.
A sticker will be placed in the window with the expiry date on – campgrounds are supposed to check you have a current EWoF before you can connect to power.

If you undertake any work on your van you must have that certified by an electrician or it could void your insurance if you need to make a claim.

All our caravans have had this done and are sold with a current EWoF.

On an insurance note its also worth knowing that you cant just plug your caravan into a house 10amp socket, this is because the caravan has a 16amp mains RCD to technically it could overload the 10amp socket and burn your house down hence voiding your house insurance as well as the caravan!

We can however supply an adapter lead with a built in 10amp RCD to make everything simple for you.

If you need any electrical work doing on your caravan than we can arrange a caravan friendly electrician to undertake the work.

Gas Certification

From 1/7/13 all imported or newly manufactured caravans must have a NZ legal gas certificate, this amongst many other things involves registering all the gas appliances within the caravan (usually about 5) with the energy safety council, a full check on the pipework is required to ensure it’s the correct dia and no leaks, adequate ventilation is required etc.

This is a bit of a minefield at the moment with even the gas people not being 100% sure what is required and as caravans fall into the ‘high risk’ category not many gas people will touch a caravan/camper.

Gas is best left to people who know about gas as often the 1st indication you have to a gas problem is the smell the 2nd is when your eyebrows and fringe disappear along with the side of your caravan.

We have been having our caravans certified from the day we started even before it was FORTUNATELY we know of certified gas fitters that can undertake the work and certify it, law so if you need any work or advise on gas requirements we can help you out.