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Christchurch Caravans stand by the vans we sell. We have a comprehensive check list that we go through prior to selling a caravan to make sure everything is working before sale.

Generally the appliances are pretty reliable but like anything 2nd hand it may work fine for years to come or it might fail the next day – who knows! But for your piece of mind we put a 6 month warranty (3 months on vans 15yr or older OR vans that are been lived in) on the major fixed appliances within the van.These include:

Oven (if fitted)
Water heater
Space heater
12v electric system
240v electric system
Water system inc pump and taps

If you have a problem with any of the above within the warranty period we will arrange to repair or replace. Depending on your location you may have to take the van to a local company to do the repair. We would not be responsible for any recovery or delivery costs involved in getting the caravan to the repairers.
If your van is set up Permanently we wont pay any associated costs of having a repair person travel to your van and repairing on site.

Before having and work done YOU MUST CLEAR IT WITH US. We also require a quote from the repairers before authorising any repairs, This could be verbal over the phone. Receipts for the work MUST be provided. We will NOT pay for unauthorised repairs.

Things that we would consider wear and tear and wouldn’t cover are too numerous to mention but here are a few examples:

Window stays
Cupboard stays
Catches and latches
Shower trays
Plastic sinks & washroom furniture

Roof hatches – people travel with them up then wonder why they blow off.

We don’t cover the watertightness or the van’s structure, as leaks can appear at any time, but we endeavour not to buy caravans with previous water ingress issues.

We also don’t cover running gear ie brakes, wheel bearings, wheels etc as these will have been checked at the WOF so we know they are OK. The only time we have had a running gear issue was when someone drove 50km with the handbrake on and melted the wheel bearings.

We also don’t warrant accessories that have been fitted to the caravan since manufacture and prior to arrival in NZ like motor movers, aircon units etc. we will test these prior to sale to ensure working but dont offer and form of warranty on them, we dont advertise the vans with these fitted so its just a bonus if the van you buy has one on.

Christchurch Caravan’s decision is final on whether we consider it fair wear and tear or covered by this warranty.  If you have an issue, even if we feel it is not a warranty repair we would try and supply the part at cost for you.