We take the risk out of choosing your caravan.

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Are you:

  • Worried that a caravan might not be what you want?
  • Not sure how much you need to spend?
  • Overwhelmed by the choices you’ve seen?
  • Confused about which layout will work for your needs?
  • Just not sure which caravan to choose?

Making a choice, especially about a big, important, purchase, can be really difficult.

We have helped hundreds of people choose the caravan that’s right for them.


We can help you choose the one that’s right for YOU,

AND we take the risk out of making your choice.


Are you worried that a caravan might not work for you?

We help you choose one, then we give you a night to take it away and make sure it’s what you want. All you need to pay is a small rental payment and a bond, with both credited to your purchase when you go ahead.*


Or are you almost 100% sure you’ve picked the right one, but worried about making the final decision?

Buy now and we give you the right to exchange at full purchase price against another similar caravan for a whole 30 days.*


Prevent ‘paralysis by analysis’!


Instead, relax and enjoy your holidays.


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*Naturally, some Terms & Conditions apply.