Vans For Sale

Grab a Christmas deal.

In November there are 25 vans arriving so we are having a pre purchase sale, so that we don’t run out of space in the yard!  All you need to do is Read this and put a deposit down and the van will be yours at that price.  Baring any unforeseen circumstances, all will be ready for you to head away in it for Christmas.


Most of the vans below have been priced very attractively.  They will be sold with all accessories and certification, just like any other van we sell.


Please click on one of the links below to see Christchurch Caravans’ full stock list. We list all our vans, including those in transit. We can also source you any van, within reason, so please talk to us about your requirements.


We pre-sell many caravans with customers saving thousands through buying a caravan in transit.


Pre-purchase details


Caravans available now
Caravans currently on route