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Freight on Board

Freight on Board


Christchurch Caravans have a well established network of suppliers in the UK who we have worked with for many years and they offer us all types of vans – but alas we can only buy a small percentage and we tend to specialize in vans up to maybe 2012. We know there are a lot of people out there who are buying newer vans and even new ones. AND we also there are a growing number who choose to import the vans themselves and save in some cases quite a bit of money, but this does involve some risk, can be time consuming and your never really 100% sure if what your about to buy is what’s described.

So what we have decided to do is roll this out as a freight on board (FOB) service – With our knowledge and contacts we will help you import the caravan of your dreams and hopefully safe you  $$$$$ in the process.

Why would you cut yourself out you ask? Well we aren’t really, if your planning on spending less than $35,000 on a caravan it’s not worth your time and effort importing one you may as well buy one that is already in NZ. Its when you start to spend above this – the more you spend on the van the more you will save.

I should say at this point that this is not a caravan sourcing service – we don’t go scouring the country looking for a specific caravan for you – that’s your job. It is aimed at what our suppliers have in their inventory brand new or 2nd hand or might know where there is one.

If you have thought of importing a caravan yourself then yes you can do that but your big pitfall can be actually getting a good one and not a lemon a dealer wants rid of – once you have paid for it that’s it – you can hardly send it back once its here, if you’re looking at buying it privately, then how would you know it’s not stolen or has outstanding finance? Both of which will prevent it leaving the UK and you inevitably losing your money.

We will take the UK hassle out of it, the caravan will be checked for condition, any damp etc. all the appliances will be checked to ensure they work and its as good as it can be for its age.

It will be checked against the UK database to ensure its all legal then we will organizing delivery of the caravan to the loading facility, taking care of the UK paperwork it will then be shipped to your preferred collection port. At this point it is YOUR caravan. All the UK paperwork will be passed to the NZ customs agent who will be in touch shortly before caravan arrival to arrange clearance into NZ.

If you think this may be of interest to you then drop us a line with the sort of caravan you are looking at and we will get back to you with a cost comparison.