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Servicing and repairs


In our large workshop, equipped with hoist, we can undertake a large range of repairs.  We will help you through the process if you have an accident and are able to tackle a range of issues.  Everything from insurance bodywork through to damp repairs. Our workshop team is very adept and can undertake and problem solve many issues with your van often coming up with inventive solutions to problems.

Also, if you have broken a window, we can help source a new one for you.



People often neglect regular servicing, expecting the caravan to be ‘right’ on it annual outing, but there are things that should be checked at least once a year.

Here are the main areas that need to be checked.  They are:

Tyres – it is highly unlikely that they will never wear out, BUT, as they age and sit in one place for months the walls can start to perish and crack.  Cracks within the tread often occur in older tyres.  What can eventually happen is a blowout can occur that will inevitably take out the inner wheel arch and possibly some of the floor panel, leaving you with a bill far in excess of a tyre replacement and a ruined holiday.

Brakes – we have seen so many vans that either have no brake material left (worn out) or the brake material has separated from the shoe.  Usually the first indication of this is quite a bit of noise when braking.  We have also had examples where the the owner never knew that this happened. Only way to really check this is to take the brake drum off and visually inspect.

Tow hitch damper – You might hear or feel a banging noise from the tow hitch when you brake.  This could be the damper not working correctly or the brakes needing adjusting.

We will also lubricate the jockey wheel, corner steadies and spare wheel holder to ensure smooth operation and increase their life.

Whilst we have it on the hoist there are a number of other things we can do easily, like soft floor repairs.





We Have Two Levels Of Service.

Chassis and Running Gear Service

  • Check coupling head; lube as necessary
  • Lube over-run piston using grease gun
  • Check hand brake operation and adjust if required
  • Check breakaway chain/cable
  • Check and lube jockey wheel
  • Check and lube corner steadies
  • Remove wheels/drum assembly, check brake shoes and clean up mechanism
  • Check bearings
  • Adjust brakes,commencing at drum
  • Replace  ‘one shot’ nut
  • Torque ‘one shot’ nut to manufacturer’s setting
  • Check tyres for cracking, check pressure
  • Replace wheels and torque check nuts/bolts
  • Check operation, grease spare wheel rack if fitted
  • Check pads on ball-acting stabilizer if fitted

Single Axle $210  Twin Axle $260

Full service

Chassis and Running Gear PLUS full check of all appliances and fitted equipment.  We also conduct a damp test in the van and inform you of any potential problems.

Single Axle $350  Twin Axle $390

Save yourself some time by scheduling service right here. After you submit the form, we’ll be in touch to confirm your service appointment. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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