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VW Transporter Conversions

The VW transporter van is an icon in Europe and around the world and it didn’t take long for them to become some of the 1st camper vans.

Over the years the vans have become nicer and the conversions have followed suit, in the UK there is a massive industry build around the conversion of the Transporter van into some of the coolest campers around.

At the moment we are not taking on any more conversion work, we can supply a number of the major build parts though for you to convert yourself.

Its not just a camper van – its a lifestyle. Here you have a van that drives like a car, its economical, its footprint is no larger than a family SUV which means it will fit in your garage, in a multistory, carparks at the mall etc.

It can be configured to seat up to 6 people, so during the week its the family runaround then at the weekend it becomes the lifestyle base maybe at the beach, the kids sporting events, off into the back country for the weekend or towing a boat – the options are endless.

Over the last few years i have converted a number of these vans for myself and then sold them on, i have always converted them to how i want it, i haven’t worked to a price point, i fit all the water tanks under the van along with a diesel heater, so as not to waste cupboard space, the vans are fully sound deadened and insulated then carpet lined, there is a good off grid solar package (no 240v – why would you need it?)

You can comfortably sleep 2 adults in the lower bed and 2 adults/kids in the upper bed. i have found the LWB van nicer with the extra 50cm of length it gives more cupboard space, but if its only a couple then the SWB works fine as well.

Obviously the most expensive part of this is the van its self but good ones can be found on TM, its nice to get a low mileage one but i recently saw an ex courier van  on TM with 350,000k’s  so they are good for higher mileage.
The most expensive part of the conversion is the pop top roof, the kitchen units and the Certified bed/seat (which all have to be shipped from the UK)  then there are lots of smaller things that will all add up.


OK so how much will a conversion cost you? the last one i did which is the black and white one is going to cost about $40,000 that includes the labour and GST, and that was a very high speck.  On a brand new SWB van this is going to save you about $40,000 on the price of the new California from VW and you will get a better specked van.
The conversion cost will obviously come down based on the level you want to go to.

We can also do certain parts of the conversion and you can take on the easier time consuming jobs,.
Like you may chose for us to just fit your roof this would be $9500 + GST this will include certification of the roof as well

Time frame

Depending on what your requirements are it could be 6months before we have all the build parts, currently 12 weeks manufacture lead time then a similar time for shipping. We will be holding certain large items in stock like the Roofs, Rock and roll beds, Kitchen units etc so if your happy with what we have this can reduce the time frame.


We will be working on keeping some items in stock like the Roofs, Rock and roll beds, Kitchen units, Windows, lining carpet etc. we can source all other parts for your build as well.